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 Secret Party

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Anna Eklund
Quidditch Player
Quidditch Player

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PostSubject: Secret Party   4/10/2017, 11:19 am

The Hogwarts feast hall was teaming with hoards of students, excited to begin the feast or watch the sorting ceremony. Professors were occupied, talking to one another, discussing their curriculum, and overseeing the ceremony at their reserved table in the feast hall. For most, this was the perfect time to get to know new friends. For others, it was the perfect opportunity to slip away.

      The champagne bottle sprayed all over Anna's arms as it burst open. The group all cheered. They had gathered up in the Gryffindor common room, as was tradition. The big Welcome Home banner Anna had hung was a sparkling spectacle; there were multicolored streamers looped in intricate patterns about the ceiling; Ariel's enchanted candles gave the common room a cozy, inviting feel; a roaring fire burned in the hearth, allowing them all to shed their winter coats and get comfy.
      "This evening," Anna began in her most official professor voice, "We celebrate the return of a bright, talented group of witches and wizards. May our broomsticks be ever swift and our wands ever strong."
      After much laughter, each individual collected one of the shot glasses Ariel had prepared them and threw back some cinnamon Fireball whiskey.
      Anna plopped back down on the couch next to Ariel. Others found their seats around the common room, snacked on some of the complimentary appetizers the girls prepared, or began mingling. It was a tight group, but more people kept hearing about the secret party that Anna and Ariel would throw annually, so there were always new additions.
      "Ladies," said Mulan Fa, appearing with Tiana Broussard at her side. "Excited for the new term?"
      Rapunzel, Moana, Anna, and Merida joined in a chorus of "Yeah!"
      "Oone of our teams has got 'ta beat Slytherin this year," said Merida fiercely, referring to herself and Anna.
      Anna bobbed her head in agreement.
      "Let's hope it's ours," said Mulan.
      "I wish I could join the team," complained Moana. Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts were wrought with fierce competition. There were many talented flyers in the House, so professors were choosy. While Mulan, Merida, and Shang Li had been members of the team for the past two semesters, they'd been lucky to get in - especially Ariel, who had tried and failed multiple times.
      "I wish you could join Hufflepuff," said Anna. "Our team sucks."
      It was then that a few more women appeared in the Gryffindor common room doorway: Jasmine Qasim and Pocahontas. Wherever Jasmine was, trouble couldn't be far behind.

Anna , 20 yrs. , pure-blood. Hufflepuff

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Ella Shaw


Quidditch : Supporter
Blood : Muggle-born

PostSubject: Re: Secret Party   5/10/2017, 10:07 am

Ella had been given very clear instructions: attend the sorting ceremony, eat something filling, and find the Gryffindor common room.

At the ceremony, she had been sorted into Ravenclaw: the house known for intelligence, wisdom, and creativity. She didn't know much about the houses, but she was pleased she hadn't been sorted into Slytherin. There was a bustling line of maybe fifty first-year's waiting to be sorted after her. She would have watched, but Mulan Fa and Tiana Broussard insisted she'd have more fun with them in the Gryffindor common room; Mulan even mentioned there'd be drinks. Trouble was, Ella had no idea where that was. She had a feeling it would be on a higher level of the castle, but the staircases were moving. How was she supposed to navigate that on her own?

After attempting to climb one horrifying staircase to the first floor, Ella was overwhelmed.
      There wasn't a soul stirring in this portion of the castle, so she assumed it was where classes were taught. One door even had a subtle gold plaque posted to it reading, Defense Against the Dark Arts. She sought out a women's bathroom a little ways down the hall. When she found no one was inside, she ran water over her hands and took deep breaths in front of the mirror.
      Who was she kidding? She was wearing a burgundy skirt and an ugly, patterned blouse, for god's sake. She didn't look like all these other supermodels. If women at Hogwarts looked like this, were all the women at Beauxbatons succubi?
      After swiping briskly at the corner of her eyes, Ella scurried out of the bathroom and planned to make her way back to the Feast Hall. But outside the door was a man, and he was just as surprised to see her as she was to see him.
      He was a giant - maybe 6'2, and his biceps looked bigger than his head. He had a mean face: a fat nose, a protruding bottom lip, and black, predatory eyes. The first thing he did was look from her chest to her ankles. Disgusted, Ella tried to shove past him.
      To her great shock, the man had the balls to grab her upper arm. "What's your name?"
      If she had known any magic whatsoever, she would have cast a spell to put him in his place. "Let go of me, asshole!"
      "Asshole?" He didn't let go.
      "Yeah! I said let go."
      "Gaston!" A forceful female voice rang out down the corridor. A figure with gorgeous white-blonde waves, a flattering black dress, a classy white overcoat, and tight leather gloves appeared to them. "What are you doing?"
      "Eklund," he said, his face lighting up. He let go of Ella. "It's been a while."
      The woman tipped her chin up. "Thankfully."
      "Pleasant as ever."
      "If you don't leave, I'll dock thirty points from Slytherin."
      "Term hasn't even started, bitch."
      And with that, Gaston stalked off.

Ella , 21 yrs. , muggle-born. Ravenclaw

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Elsa Eklund

Quidditch : Supporter
Blood : Pure-blood

PostSubject: Re: Secret Party   5/10/2017, 11:56 am

Elsa, squeezing her hands together so tightly her knuckles turned white, backed away from the Ravenclaw first-year. She saw the girl was already starting to shiver. High-stress situations gave Elsa's abilities an impact on her environment. The temperature around them already felt like it had dropped by five degrees.
      "You need to head down to the Feast Hall," Elsa told the girl.
      "I... was trying to find the Gryffindor common room."
      Elsa knew why, and frowned. "Professors require you to watch the ceremony for your first year."
      "Yes... but... they invited me."
      Elsa sighed and started walking back towards the staircase. "The Gryffindor common room is on the seventh floor."
      "Wait!" the girl called. "Come with me!"
      "I wasn't invited."
      Ella trotted after her. "I'm inviting you."
      "I don't go to parties."
      Elsa flinched away when the girl tried to touch her arm; for a second it even looked like Ella noticed how cold she was. Anxiety started creeping into the prefect's stomach. "I don't go to parties either," Ella pleaded with her. "I'm really nervous."
      "Then you shouldn't go."
      Ella looked disappointed, and Elsa felt bad immediately. This conversation felt like one she used to have with her sister. She realized then that her sister would probably be at that party. (She probably even organized it.) "I'll show you to the common room, but I'm not going in with you."

After introductions, the girls started climbing the stairs together. It was clear the enchanted staircases bothered Ella, but everyone else had gotten used to them - Ravenclaws especially, for their common room was the highest point of the castle.
      "You know, if you came to the party you could just hang out with me," Ella suggested quietly.
      "I don't do well at parties."
      "Is it the alcohol? You don't have to drink."
      "It's not that."
      "Is it the people?"
      Ella thought for a minute. "I've... never been to a party before. I've never even had alcohol. Have you?"
      "Can you give me some advice?"
      "Don't take it so seriously. Try to relax and find someone who makes you feel comfortable. Hufflepuffs are good for that."

When at last they reached the seventh floor, Elsa led Ella to the Fat Lady. The two Ravenclaw women could hear the consistent hum of laughter behind the portrait. Other students were hurrying down the hall to join, food and drink they'd stolen from the kitchen tucked away under their arms or in bags. The Fat Lady chortled at Ella and Elsa when they approached. She was clutching a full glass of spiked cider that sloshed over the rim of her glass as she talked.
      "Ladies, come in, come in! Come in for a drink!"
      The portrait swung wide, and as Ella glanced over her shoulder, Elsa started sneaking away.

Elsa , 23 yrs. , pure-blood. Ravenclaw prefect

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Jasmine Qasim
Prefect & Player
Prefect & Player

Animagus Tiger
Quidditch : Seeker
Blood : Pure-blood

PostSubject: Re: Secret Party   6/10/2017, 9:35 am

Pocahontas was attached at Jasmine's hip. This didn't bother her. On the contrary, she might have been enjoying it. After a few shots had gone down, she found she couldn't keep her hands off the leggy 5'9 Amazon, so hand-holding and cheek-kissing were becoming a common occurrence between them that evening.
      Nonetheless, Mulan Fa's incessant scowling couldn't be ignored, and Jasmine would pry herself from Pocahontas every once in a great while just to please the onlooking Gryffindor. The person she scouted out next was weird, and certainly not anyone she'd ever seen before. A blonde girl in a frumpy outfit, looking out of place. It was those sultry eyes that pulled Jasmine in, but she was unsure. Something was different about this one...
      "And you are?"
      Jasmine seemed to have surprised her. "Oh... I'm Ella."
      "Sit with me?"
      After collecting a (very strong) drink, Jasmine sank into one of Gryffindor's fluffy red armchairs with Ella and asked quietly enough to exclude listening ears, "Are you nervous?"
      Ella gave a small, shy laugh. "Yeah. A little."
      "Don't be. I'll help you."
      Jasmine gave Ella her cup, and Ella drank from it. After the alcohol had gone down, the Slytherin pressured her to take a little more in spite of herself. "See that girl? That's Tiana Broussard. Kindest person you'll probably meet here. You can approach Tiana for anything - help with professors, homework, even a tampon. Over there is Mulan Fa. She's prickly sometimes. She's protective of her friends. And dangerous. Anna Eklund, Rapunzel Brokhoff, and Moana Paoa are darling little things, each of them. They like to hang around Merida MacKenna over there. She's tough as balls. If she doesn't like you, you'll know about it. They also hang out with Ariel, but Ariel doesn't speak. Pocahontas is Ravenclaw Head Girl. Since you're in Ravenclaw, she can help you out with a lot like Tiana can. Just don't be intimidated by her."
      "What about you?" Ella asked tentatively.
      Jasmine smiled. "I'm sure you'll hear a lot about me."
      "I want to hear it from you."
      This was much appreciated. "Well, my family's very wealthy. My father works for the Ministry in India. I went to Beauxbatons for three years, but things just didn't work out there. I'm studying to work as a Aurologist, but my father disapproves."
      "What is a Aurologist?"
      "Aurologists are skilled in legilimency, occlumency, and psychology. They can sense auras about people, places, or things. For example, if something is haunted. Or someone is giving off a type of... vibe."
      Ella shifted in her seat a bit. "What kind of vibe am I giving off?"
      "You're gifted somehow. You can do something others can't, and it's very uncommon. It's made you feel alienated. I just don't know what it is yet."

Jasmine , 23 yrs. , pure-blood. Slytherin prefect. Animagus

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PostSubject: Re: Secret Party   

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Secret Party
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