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 The Hogwarts Express

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Merida MacKenna
Quidditch Player
Quidditch Player

Animagus Bear
Quidditch : Beater
Blood : Pure-blood

PostSubject: The Hogwarts Express   2/10/2017, 12:42 pm

Merida was the only one on Platform 9 ¾ who wasn't bundled up in a huge scarf, hat, and mittens. She was a Scottish woman through and through, and Scots weren't scared of a wee chill. Being a bear animagus helped too, of course; her body naturally ran a little hotter than most people's. A light jacket would do.
      A halo of red curls made her recognizable to everyone around her. Several of her peers from last year gave her high-fives or hugs. A few Slytherins who'd played a game of Quidditch against her nodded in recognition, but turned to their friends when she past to mutter about how they hoped Nikolaevna would kick her off her broom in the next match.
      She hopped onto the train and made a beeline for box 29. This was where she and her friends met up every year.
      Inside was Rapunzel, a dainty figure of 5'4 with long golden locks contained in a braid, plump pink lips, and almond-shaped green eyes. Beside her was Moana. Moana still had a bit of a baby face, and Merida wasn't sure she'd ever grow out of it. She was a brown-eyed, olive-skinned girl of Polynesian descent, with a habit of tying her long dark tresses up whenever she was concentrating. That was how she was wearing it when Merida came in and found the girls trying to squeeze a large bag into the overhead compartment.
      "Merida!" They cried in unison. Moana dropped the bag.
      "Oh doon't mind me, ladies. Looks like you were just strugglin' with soomethin' there."
      "Merida, why don't you ever write us?" Rapunzel complained after a big hug. She sent the most owls of the group.
      "I can't be writin' ye all the time, silly! I've got stuff te do - Quidditch to practice! I've got te beat Nikolaevna this term."
      Moana rolled her eyes. "Not this again."
      "What?" Merida puffed up. "The girl's insufferable. No one likes er. And she broke Anna's broom!"

Merida , 22 yrs. , pure-blood. Gryffindor. Animagus

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Anna Eklund
Quidditch Player
Quidditch Player

Quidditch : Chaser
Blood : Pure-blood

PostSubject: Re: The Hogwarts Express   2/10/2017, 2:09 pm

There it was. Anna's broken broom.
      The score had been 10 to 2 that day, and Anastasia Nikolaevna didn't like to lose. Everyone at Hogwarts knew how rotten she was. Some even speculated that the bludger she beat towards Anna was meant for her, not the broomstick. Regardless, the blow sent Anna straight to the hospital wing for a week. But unlike Nikolaevna, she wasn't a sore loser. If anything, she was excited to play another round to redeem her Quidditch reputation. That was just another thing to look forward to at the start of term.
      Anna set the broom down and continued rummaging through her things for the party streamers Ariel had requested. Both girls spent every holiday at Hogwarts. The headmaster had allowed them to do so for many years due to their special circumstances at home - just so long as they helped the House Elves out every once in a while. As whimsical as the castle was when one practically has it all to themselves, things do get a bit lonely. Anna and Ariel had explored every nook and cranny, every secret passageway, and every hidden room. They'd played countless games of checkers, watched multiple muggle TV shows together, and built perhaps hundreds of snowmen.
      But things would have been that much better with Merida, Rapunzel, and Moana.
      It was three o'-clock, which meant the Hogwarts Express would be arriving in about three more hours. Ariel was charming red spice-scented candles to float all about the Gryffindor common room, while Anna floated a large red and gold Welcome Home banner over the doorway.
      "What do you think?" she asked Ariel. The sign was a touch lopsided. Charms weren't Anna's strong suit. But Ariel gave her a brisk, excited nod of approval, and the women carried on decorating.

Anna , 20 yrs. , pure-blood. Hufflepuff

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Mulan Fa
Prefect & Player
Prefect & Player

Animagus Dragon
Quidditch : Beater
Blood : Pure-blood

PostSubject: Re: The Hogwarts Express   3/10/2017, 10:58 am

Mulan's eager black eyes scanned the crowd at Platform  9¾. The bright red curls could not be missed. There went Merida MacKenna, bobbing through the crowd and into the train. Mulan sighed a bit. The dragon inside her grumbled.
      Despite being the two Gryffindor beaters, Merida and Mulan never hung out. The women had great chemistry during matches: they were half the reason the Gryffindor team had been so strong for the past few years. But beyond high fives and pats on the back, the two were perfect strangers... much to Mulan's disappointment.
      Mulan watched her go and shook off the temptation to think of a way to greet her. Pocahontas appeared in the nick of time. The Ravenclaw Head Girl was gorgeous as ever, tiptoeing on high stilettos, long black hair back in a tight ponytail, the epitome of professionalism. Most people were afraid of her, and for good reason. Not only was she one of the most talented witches Mulan knew - with numerous apprenticeship and scholarship opportunities - she could also come off as intense or unwelcoming if one didn't know how best to approach her.
      Mulan hurried towards her, but before she knew it someone linked arms with her. Jasmine Qasim. Oh god.
      "Hi, Jasmine."
      "Hi, Mulan." Jasmine's voice was like honey. "Happy holidays?"
      She'd spent the holiday taking care of her parents."They were lovely."
     When they reached Pocahontas together, Pocahontas brightened up.
     "Ladies," she said, reaching out for a hug. Jasmine was the first to oblige. "How are you?"
     Mulan felt her blood getting hot. It was hard to read Pocahontas, but Mulan knew her well enough now to detect when she had a crush (a rare, uncharacteristic occurrence). Unfortunately for Pocahontas, affection was not safe with Jasmine. She was without a doubt one of the sexiest, most hypnotizing women at Hogwarts. Glamorous, cat-eyed, and sensual in every sense of the word. She always had a string of men and women tailing her like lost puppies, begging for a hint of recognition. Mulan had been there, done that; trying to catch smoke with your bare hands was an exhausting, painful sport.
     "Well, I've certainly missed you," Jasmine cooed at Pocahontas.
     Mulan shivered.
     "Sit with me," said Pocahontas, holding Jasmine's hand for a moment. "Both of you."
      "And me?"
      Anastasia Nikolaevna. Mulan suddenly regretted approaching Pocahontas.
      Anastasia was a controversial character. She had been expelled from Durmstrang about a year ago, with Durmstrang's headmaster citing irrevocable resistance to authority and unruly behavior. Hogwarts agreed to take her under its wing, but she was trouble wherever she went. After sleeping with half the school's male population and even a potions professor, injuring multiple rival Quidditch players, starting a few fights, and performing a few forbidden spells, she was on her last limb at the school, and rumors of her separation were circulating again this year.

Fa Mulan , 23 yrs. , pure-blood. Gryffindor prefect. Animagus

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Anastasia Nikolaevna
Quidditch Player
Quidditch Player

Quidditch : Chaser
Blood : Pure-blood

PostSubject: Re: The Hogwarts Express   3/10/2017, 11:16 am

The break had treated Anastasia quite well. Her family was lavishly wealthy, so holidays were all glamour and glitz. She had attended a few sparkly balls in Jasmine's equally prestigious wonderland, looked pretty on the arms of a few Ministry officials at parties, and spent handsomely on gifts for her beloved grandmother and few close friends. Why, it was such a fine holiday she'd have to make a few adjustments to integrate back into average, humdrum Hogwarts life.
      Yes, rumors about her were rampant. People gave her queer looks as she went by them. But she liked that. It made her feel famous, in a way. No publicity is bad publicity.
      Even though she loathed Mulan Fa, the sight of the Gryffindor didn't scare her. Nothing scared Anastasia. No, she was the big bad wolf. The look on Mulan's face would confirm that. Even Pocahontas frowned a little.
      Grinning around, Anastasia put an arm around Jasmine's waist. Did Pocahontas think Anastasia didn't notice the way she looked at Jasmine? Her Jasmine? Now, the two Slytherins weren't dating. They never had dated. But Anastasia felt they had an unspoken agreement. Jasmine was just like her: she couldn't be bothered with the lowlifes beneath her. Their families were of equal status. Anastasia was perfect for her.
      "How are you, Anastasia?"
      "Great, thanks. What are you all standing around in the cold for? The train's about to leave without us."
     "I have to go find someone." Mulan disappeared before poor Pocahontas could protest.
     And with that, the three women boarded the train together.

Anastasia , 22 yrs. , pure-blood. Slytherin.

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Tiana Broussard

Quidditch : Supporter
Blood : Muggle-born

PostSubject: Re: The Hogwarts Express   3/10/2017, 2:37 pm

Tiana was doing her job: keeping first-year's in line, reminding second-year's of important rules, and updating other Hufflepuff students on news regarding their courses or professors. You'd be surprised how few people knew where they were even going. Other prefects she knew were half as helpful as she'd been told she was, and yet she still felt like she could be doing more.
      By around 3:40, most people had boarded the train. As she was getting ready to do so herself, now shivering in her black peacoat, she noticed a group lagging behind. Pocahontas, Jasmine Qasim, and her very favorite, Anastasia Nikolaevna. Any group that included Nikolaevna had to be monitored closely. Hurrying away from said group was Mulan Fa, and Tiana frowned when she saw the poor woman's face. She could decipher exactly what happened by everyone's body language. Mulan wanted to visit with Pocahontas, but Jasmine and Anastasia were being territorial. What a shame. Tiana rather hoped she could say hi to Pocahontas too.
      When Mulan caught sight of Tiana, her relieved sigh could be felt from feat away. As she came round, Tiana patted her on the shoulder and escorted her inside the train, nodding and lending sweet little, "I know, I know"s as Mulan vented about Jasmine and Anastasia.
      "I feel like Jasmine knows Poca likes her. Maybe Nikolaevna's in on it too!"
      "Jasmine wouldn't do that."
      "Tiana, she would."
      Tiana was well liked by everyone at school, including Jasmine. In fact, Tiana considered her a friend. But she understood why others might find Jasmine difficult. The only reason she and Tiana got along was because Tiana carefully followed one rule: don't fall in love with Jasmine Qasim.

On their way in, Tiana noticed an awkward blonde girl wearing bizarre, thrift store clothing and no makeup scrambling to find a section of the train that wasn't inhabited yet. She was about to open the door to 86 before Tiana rushed over to stop her.
      "Don't!" she cried, puzzling Mulan and the strange girl. "I'm sorry. It's just that that's Elsa Eklund's cabin."
      "So?" said the girl. "Why does she get her own?"
      "It's... required by the headmaster." Tiana didn't know much about it. It was a very private issue.
      At the frustrated look on the girl's face, Mulan said, "You can sit with us?"
      "What's your name?"
      "It's Ella." The girl seemed reluctant to tell them.
      "I'm Tiana. This is Mulan Fa. You're welcome to join us."
      Ella had a bad look on her face, but she consented and followed at a distance behind them.
      "Is this your first semester here?" Mulan asked, as the women closed the doors to their own compartment. Tiana took her coat off, and Mulan stored her duffle bag overhead.
      Ella was clinging on to a cheap cloth purse for dear life. "Yeah."
      "Mulan and I are prefects. We can show you around if you want?"
      "I'll be fine."
      The prefects exchanged looks. From that point on and after the train departed the station, Ella was mostly silent. Tiana was usually good at making newcomers feel welcome, but the girl was a tough puzzle to work, so she and Mulan chatted about general topics that Ella would feel comfortable listening to.

Tiana , 23 yrs. , muggle-born. Hufflepuff prefect

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Belle Monnet


Animagus Werewolf
Quidditch : Supporter
Blood : Muggle-born

PostSubject: Re: The Hogwarts Express   3/10/2017, 3:30 pm

Belle was an anxious mess. This was her first year at Hogwarts, as she'd transferred from Étretat Academy of Magical Beasts and Beings. There was nothing wrong with little Étretat, except that the curriculum was very limited and focused almost entirely on overcoming and/or managing one's magical afflictions. What Belle secretly referred to as her 'curse' was not something one could cure or easily manage, but through years of extensive research and much truly disastrous experimentation, she finally found a way to predict her transformations.
      Although Hogwarts had accepted her from the very start, she had refused multiple invitations. With her anxiety through the roof and her affliction unchecked, she always felt she needed to save society from herself. After much internal struggle, the shy French girl had decided she couldn't live shut away from everyone any longer. It was time to let herself live.

To be quite honest, Belle hadn't understood Platform 9 ¾. By the time she'd actually gotten through the magical barrier, she was very, very late. The last prefect had boarded the express by the time she got to the platform. From that point on, it was a struggle trying to find a place to sit on the train. Everywhere was full. With heart fluttering wildly and arms aching from carting around all her luggage, she began questioning if she should have come at all. Maybe she wasn't ready for this.
      Just then, the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen appeared in the aisle in front of her. Belle almost forgot why she was so worked up. The girl had long black hair, porcelain white skin, and bright red lips. She looked like a doll. Were succubi real? Was this a succubus?
      "Hello." The woman's voice was like music.
      "Hi," whispered Belle.
      "Can I help? Without waiting for an answer, the enchantress relieved Belle of a few bags and started floating down the aisle again. Belle tagged along, still awe-stricken.
      "What's your name?"
      "It's - it's Belle."
      "Do people call you Beauty?"
      "I'm sorry?"
      "Beauty," the woman repeated, her rose petal lips forming a sweet smile. "Belle means Beauty."
      "Oh," said Belle, anxiously pushing hair behind her ears, eyes wide and darting around. "I - I didn't know that. What's your name?"
      "It's Snow. Silly, right?"
      Belle answered very quickly. "No. Not at all!"

Snow took Belle to a compartment where a few other Hufflepuff girls looked like they'd been waiting for her return. They greeted Belle warmly, and everyone introduced themselves. As the train left the station and started trekking along the rolling English scenery, Belle found herself trying very hard not to stare too much at Snow White.

Belle , 22 yrs. , muggle-born. Ravenclaw. Werewolf

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PostSubject: Re: The Hogwarts Express   

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The Hogwarts Express
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